Why buy a franchise?

The main reasons for wanting to buy a franchise are usually along the lines of 1. Brand 2. Systems 3. Support 4. Flexibility 5. lifestyle and 6. Growth potential. All while being profitable. As you can probably imagine, establishing your own brand, system and support network then trying to have flexibility and grow your business while also trying to turn a profit can be a long and expensive exercise that is very high risk. With a Jim’s franchise the brand, systems and support are taken care of for you. Which leaves flexibility/lifestyle, growth and profit up to you. Not wanting to sugar coat it, these will always come with hard work and dedication in the beginning. But you can focus on these things knowing you have a brand recognised and trusted by 96% of Australians, proven and established systems and the support of your paving divisional, the Jim’s Group and every other franchisee not only in the paving division but the entire group.

What is the system?

Within the Jim’s Franchising group there are many systems. Most notably is the Franchise Management System or FMS for short. FMS is the computer program that allocates work leads but also allows franchisees to control when and where their work leads come from. It also tracks many other things such as work commendations and customer surveys. There are also many systems and methods in place you can use to get started managing your business.

Do I get support?

Being a part of Jim’s Paving and the Jim’s Group means you have the support of not only your division but also all your fellow paving franchisees and every other franchisee in the Jim’s Group. Working together for mutual growth and learning from each other is a major aspect of being involved in Jim’s.

Hear it from Jim Himself: Franchisee Support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxxrJXx3qL4

Do I get an exclusive territory?

You will have your own exclusive territory. But when you purchase a Jim’s Paving franchise you aren’t restricted to working in that territory. You will be allocated all work leads in your territory and if a franchisee from another territory is not requesting work, or a franchisee does not exist in a territory you can request to have those work leads also. You can also service any personal referrals in any area. And any work leads you generate yourself do not have any fees attached.

How do I advertise?

You can advertise however you like subject to your Regional or Divisional franchisors approval. This is just to check the brand is being used properly and correct details are displayed. There is also an advertising contribution in your monthly fees that is spent by your franchisor in your area on your behalf. You will also be provided with a sales and marketing manual to get you started.

How much will I earn?

Using our paving systems you can potentially earn $1200+ in a day’s work. This is explained further here: VIDEO……(Please supply video.)

What do I need to supply myself?

Everything you need to get started is included in the franchise cost except a vehicle. The franchise cost includes the business itself, a warranty contribution, all training (including fights, accommodation and meals) and equipment. Please enquire for more information on the cost of a paving franchise.

Is there finance?

Yes. Please contact Jim’s Finance Professionals to talk about financing your business opportunity. http://www.jimsfinance.com.au/html/s01_home/home.asp